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Yes it’s true! Specific foods and vitamins can enhance your natural tanning!

Yes it’s true! Specific foods and vitamins can enhance your natural tanning!
Yes it’s true! Specific foods and vitamins can enhance your natural tanning!

Did you know that there are two types of tanning? Carotenoid tanning (which comes from eating foods high in carotenoids) and melanin tanning (which comes from sun exposure). So in case you were wondering, yes, there are foods and vitamins that enhance natural tanning – and it's worth learning more about them…

Sunkissed with the right diet

For obvious reasons carrot is first on the list of foods for natural tanning, as the high levels of carotenoids and vitamin A it contains are enough to give you the tanned look you desire!

One of the most favorite summer fruits, orange melons, apart from the fact that they are rich in electrolytes, they are among the fruits that contain the carotenoids you need for a natural tan!

Other foods that you may not have known that they are rich in carotenoids are spinach, mango, red pepper, tomato and of course peach, one of the most refreshing summer fruits, which is also rich in potassium.

Let's not forget to mention sweet potatoes, one of the foods with the highest levels of carotenoids, which, as we already said, are "responsible" for this natural tanning effect that we all want.

But if you're not a fan of fruits and vegetables, beta-carotene supplements will give your skin the golden tan you would get if you ate them!

Vitamins for a killer suntan

In the category of vitamins that stimulate the production of melanin are the B complex vitamins, which we can find in eggs, legumes, dairy and many types of fish and meat, as well as selenium, which is contained in cereals, sunflower seeds, pumpkin and seafood. Of course, there is also a wide variety of supplements that contain the above mentioned vitamins!

In the category of amino acids, L-tyrosine protects the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation and also increases melanin production, thus helping to get a deep tan faster. We can find it in a wide variety of products either in the form of supplements or as a basic ingredient in sunscreens or after sun lotions.

Of course, before buying any nutritional supplement, you should always consult your personal doctor to guide you according to your personal needs.

To find out about the latest and most innovative products of the market in the field of nutritional supplements - and many more - take a look at our website:

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