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Which are the best nutritional supplements for a glowing skin during summer?

Which are the best nutritional supplements for a glowing skin during summer?

Which are the best nutritional supplements for a glowing skin during summer?


Summer is sun, sea and relaxation! But it’s also heat, UV radiation, spots, discoloration, dull and dehydrated skin. Let’s find out how we can strengthen our skin's defense so that summer does not leave its marks on our face.


Glow starts from within!


First of all, we all know that the healthier our skin is, the better it looks. And to achieve this, a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle really helps! The good news is that we also have another "ally" that can strengthen our skin against the summer "attacks" of radiation and it is none other than nutritional supplements!


There are many vitamins that are known for their beneficial effects on the skin, but the following are undoubtedly the "heroes" of cosmetology:


Vitamin E, the skin’s defense against the sun


Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties and it has the ability to "lock" moisture inside the cells and protect against free radicals. And since solar radiation is one of the main factors responsible for the production of free radicals, it is obvious how much we need it during the summer.


Vitamin A, your best friend against photoaging


One of the main "weapons" against photoaging is vitamin A, known as retinol, which protects against the harmful effects of sun exposure, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, while at the same time it minimizes discoloration and spots, giving a bright and healthy appearance.


Vitamin C, the miracle worker


Vitamin C not only protects us from viruses, but it is a great “ally” against photoaging, as it promotes normal collagen formation, which helps boost skin elasticity, reduces redness and brown spots and rejuvenates the skin. Its results are even more visible if it is used in the form of a serum.


Hydration and glowing skin go hand in hand


Skin that lacks moisture looks dry and dull, which is why adequate hydration is the number one secret for a healthy look, especially in the summer when the sun's radiation is damaging the body. A very… trendy ingredient in beauty products lately is hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its ability to absorb water molecules, it "traps" moisture in the lower layers of the skin making it look brighter. The good news is that there is no need for an injectable treatment, since you can find a wide range of products with hyaluronic acid in the market!


Of course, before buying any of the above products, it would be useful to consult your dermatologist and pharmacist to guide you according to the needs of your skin and body.


To find out the latest and most advanced products of the market in the field of dietary supplements and more, take a look at our website:


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