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Our "allies" for strengthening the immune system before winter sets in

Our allies for strengthening the immune system before winter sets in
Our "allies" for strengthening the immune system before winter sets in

If you feel weak and catch a cold as soon as the weather changes, you should definitely read this article! It will give you useful tips of how to protect your body against the first autumn viruses that are on the way.

What is the "immune system"?

We are talking about a whole network of biological mechanisms consisting of different cells and organs which work together to protect us from external "invaders", namely viruses and pathogenic microorganisms.

How can we strengthen our body's defense?

It is commonly known that the basis for a strong immune system is a balanced diet, with sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables which will help our cells, with their vitamins and nutrients, to fight infections. However, since our busy schedule makes it more difficult for us to get all the necessary vitamins through our diet, there is also the solution of supplements, always with the permission of our personal doctor. For example, some of the most important vitamins for strengthening our immune system are certainly the following: vitamin C, one of the most powerful ones for the body's antioxidant protection, vitamin D, which has been scientifically proven that protects us against respiratory infections, vitamin B6, zinc and selenium.

Of course, there are also herbs and foods with beneficial properties for the defense of our body, such as green tea, propolis, ginger, royal jelly, echinacea, which we can find either in their natural form or in the form of supplements.

Of course, supplements alone do not work miracles, if we ourselves do not take care of our bodies with proper sleep, regular exercise, reducing stress and smoking, in order to create a "shield" that will make us stronger against viruses.

To find out about the latest and most innovative immune boosting products of the market, take a look at our website:

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