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4 secrets to successful weight loss and firming skin ahead of your beach trip

4 secrets to successful weight loss and firming skin ahead of your beach trip
There are two types of individuals: the ones who consistently adhere to a stable exercise program and maintain a healthy weight through mindful eating, and those who are less disciplined throughout the year and tend to panic before beach season, leading to extreme diets and intense workouts with uncertain effectiveness.

If you fall into the second category this year, there's no need to stress. By having the willpower and self-discipline to implement the following advice, you can still make it all right.

Reduce calorie intake

No, it is not necessary to go on a diet to lose weight, as long as you reduce the calories you consume. How is this possible? 1. Ensure that ¾ of your plate is vegetables and only ¼ consists of carbohydrates or protein. 2. Lower your sugar consumption significantly for at least one month. 3. Cut out alcohol and soft drinks and replace them with plenty of water, tea or coffee without sugar. 3. Avoid fats in any form.

Say yes to lifting weights or running

If you are wondering what type of exercise will activate your metabolism and help you burn fat more easily, the answer is a mild program with weights or an aerobic exercise such as running or swimming. Also, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a type of exercise that can have spectacular results in terms of weight loss.

Hydration inside-out

You already know that water helps in detoxification and in burning calories and fat. However, it's crucial to remember that hydration is especially vital for skin health, which in turn helps reduce cellulite. Ensure you select a moisturizer that matches your skin type and consistently apply it. Bonus tip: for optimal outcomes, remember to exfoliate your skin prior to using the moisturizer.

Strengthen your body and skin with the right products

In order to "say goodbye" to the orange peel look more quickly, there is a wide variety of skin tightening and slimming products on the market in the form of creams, gels, slimming oils, as well as many nutritional supplements that will act as boosters in reducing appetite and improving skin texture, always in combination with a balanced diet and exercise program.

To be informed about the latest and most innovative slimming and skin tightening products on the market take a look at our website:

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