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All you need to know about your broken nails

It is of common knowledge that one's social image is a complex of different details, with "the first impression" 's rule being one of the most common factors. But first impression relies on our look and that is what many take it seriously, by paying attention their aesthetics from head to toes. Having said that, some broken or peeled nails, with sick or neglected look, can be a huge failure for one's appearance.


But what causes the nails to break and how can one deal with it? the answer lies in small and substantial changes that one can make to reach the desired result easily and quickly!


What are the reasons behind some broken nails?

  •  Poor nutrition: it shouldn't be a surprise, but one's bad eating habits can be reflected in the nails! So, when one lacks the necessary vitamins and trace elements from the body, the lack appears throughout some brittle nails. Iron, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, and calcium are essential to avoid breaking and peeling nails.


  • Insufficient hydration: daily use of hand cream is not enough to keep nails hydrated. Consuming lots of fruit and fluids maintains the necessary moisture and helps in healthy nail growth and strengthening. Complementary, it is auxiliary and the application of a vitamin-based nail oil.


  • Non-use of gloves: gloves are an essential shield for the nails when one doing chores, especially when the hands encounter detergents and cleaning chemicals: their ingredients dehydrate and dry the nails.


  • Hand washing: because of the pandemic, constant hand washing became second nature for everyone. Yet, this new habit, especially when accompanied by hot water, dehydrates the nails, and since one cannot avoid washing, it is advisable to prefer milder water temperature that does not lead to brittle nails.


  • Dysregulated thyroid: thyroid dysregulation is the cause of various problems in one’s body, one of which is the weaked and brittled nails. That's why if -without any other apparent cause - one's nails start to peel off, it would be a good idea to visit an endocrinologist.


  • Keyboards: obviously nails and keyboards are a bad combination, since for many who's work requires endless hours of use of keyboards, hitting continuously the keys, inevitably harm the nails. In that case it is good to keep the nails short so that they do not suffer.


  • Manicure and nail polish remover: continuous dyeing or even the use of poor-quality varnishes progressively weaken the nails. To protect them, nails should remain undyed for 1-2 days between each manicure. The same applies to the constant application of artificial nails, which lead to the peeling and weakening of one 's natural nails. Finally, pure nail polish remover and products containing it, remove the natural oils of the nail and dehydrate it.


How to keep the nails strong and healthy


Use daily a hand cream with alpha hydroxy acids that strengthens the nails and moisturize the cuticles well, rubbing the specific points.


Use gloves – not only for cleanliness but also for cold!


Avoid opening things with the fingertips – nails are not multi-tools for opening packages!


Properly sharpen the nails with a soft paper nail file and movements in one direction - to avoid breaking – and give the shape that suits you. If you find it difficult you can always go to a specialist.


Apply a nourishing base that protects the nails, before applying the colour and invest in quality products, especially nail polishes that prevent peeling and keep the nails strong and hard.


Regularly apply some nail oil - such as castor, almond, olive oil – that strengthens and hardens weak nails.


If the nails are peeling, avoid pulling the peels because this can damage the healthy parts of the nail. Sand lightly to smooth the surface and strengthen with a nail hardener.


Boost your diet with a biotin supplement, which, according to research enhances the thickness of the nail, prevents peeling, and strengthens the nails. Also, prefer foods rich in vitamin B (cauliflower, nuts, lentils) and saturated fatty acids (avocado, walnut oil, etc.)


Treat the nails with natural remedies and products of nature that exist in all homes, making masks especially for damaged nails.

Some simple ways are: Soak your fingers daily for 10 minutes in cold olive oil, which is excellent at repairing and strengthening your nails.

  1.  Make compresses with lukewarm olive oil and a few drops of lemon, dipping a cotton swab in the mixture and wrapping it with a film around the fingers for ten minutes. Lemon will remove stains and "whiten" nails.
  2. Soak your nails in a saline solution (four tablespoons of salt in a glass of lukewarm water) for ten minutes and feel the well-being that a body feels after a shower gel with salts.
  3. Use the classic Vaseline to enhance the hydration of the skin and nails, using it just before bedtime.

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