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Tell... “AHA” and watch your skin glow!

The new, popular trend in the skincare and treatment field is AHA, that promise fresh and luminous skin in the most efficient and safe way. But what is AHA? 


AHA is an abbreviation of the Α-Hydroxy Acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) term. AHA are water-soluble substances of plant origin, which are rich, refreshing, and antiaging action and are famous for their exfoliating abilities. They offer chemical peeling, which is milder and safer for the skin, than exfoliation with scrubbing. The AHA removes dead cells from the skin making it smooth and shiny. Furthermore, AHA heals the skin that is over-exposed to the sun, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and smoothing fine lines. Also, they act against discoloration and brown spots, removing the accumulated melanin, while keeping the skin pores clean preventing the appearance of blackheads.   


What are the most popular AHA? 


The AHA stands out in the molecular weight. The lower the molecular weight, the deeper it penetrates the skin and works more radically. The most popular a-hydro acids are: 


AHA – Glycolic acid 


It is produced from sugar cane and is the one with the lowest molecular weight. Stimulates the fibroblasts (which are responsible for collagen production) and gives hydration. 


AHA - Lactic acid 


It comes from buttermilk. It increases the production of ceramides, has bleaching and antimicrobial action, and enhances the hydration of the skin.  


AHA – Citric acid 


The more acidic a–hydro acid, is derived from lemons and may be very irritating to the skin because it disrupts the pH.  


Malic acid (derived from apples), tartaric acid (from grapes), and mandelic acid derived from almonds are some more common AHAs  


How AHAs benefits the skin? 


It is said that the benefits of using skincare cosmetic products that contain AHAs are numerous because AHAs: 


Improve the skin's pigmentation  


Skin's pigmentation, which is caused by the lack of uniformity in the production and distribution of melanin in the skin, can reveal our age. The a-hydro acid, when present in a cosmetic cream or facial cleanser, smooths out the unsightly picture, as it performs a peeling that highlights a smoother and uniform color of skin. 


Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 


Deep wrinkles defined by time, are very difficult to extinguish, however, the fine lines and small wrinkles can be "erased" with the help of AHAs. The a-hydro acid increases skin's elasticity, removes dead cells, reduces the fine lines of the face, and makes wrinkles appear less intense.  


Offer exfoliation 


Dry and dehydrated skin looks dull and tired. The a-hydro acid helps the skin become more glowy by breaking down the bonds between dead cells which, when removed, reveal more youthful and healthy skin.  


Help in the absorption of the sunscreen 


Regular treatments with a–hydro acid for pale skin or photosensitive skin may help protect them from the sun. The AHAs allow the sunscreen to penetrate deeper into the skin and thus last longer, protecting the skin more thoroughly. 


Improve the damages made by the sun 


Even if you use sunscreen, the skin is getting damaged from exposure to the sun. Skin treatments with a-hydro acid help in the recovery of damage from the sun, providing more radiant and youthful-looking skin. 


How to use AHAs? 


AHAs are among the ingredients that should not be left out of any skincare routine. Skin treatments containing AHAs are clearly more effective when done on a regular basis. At the same time, though, it is not allowed to use only AHAs in your routine. Why? Because the skin can't stand the over-exfoliation, that can harm the hydrolipidic barrier, which is necessary for the protection of the skin. Finally, if you are about to start using an AHA product, make sure that the skin has no irritation. 


What products to choose from? 


The most popular types of products with AHA are lotion, cream, and serum. The lotion is lightweight, penetrates deeper into the skin, and has an immediate effect. The cream remains on the surface of the skin and has a slower operandum.  


Depending on your skin type, you decide about the product that suits you. Sensitive skin "prefers" a cream, to oily skin best fits a serum or lotion. However, you must remember, that products with AHA create photosensitivity, so it is recommended to use only in the evening. In addition, use sun protection of at least SPF30 every day. 

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