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The ultimate guide to every type of mascara

No wonder it is by far the most favorite beauty product you ‘ll find in a lady’s bag, since, with a sole application, it can immediately transform a face, making it look bright and healthy! So, here we have all you need to know about mascara: choose the type that meets your needs and expectations for a shiny and fabulous look! 


Types of mascara 


Lash lengthening 


The long-length eyelashes are in fact a woman's number one desire for the ultimate feminine look since they give a natural and glowing look to the face. Thanks to the brushes and the compositions of products that do not weigh down the lashes, it is easy to achieve a perfect result. A thin and long brush that can color even the smallest eyelash and transfer the color to the root is the most appropriate one. 




Any woman saying that she doesn't want an intense eye look is lying, because no one can resist the charm of a volume-rich pair of lashes! That mascara contains a formula based on wax – usually beeswax - to form an intense film around the lashes, making them more intense and thicker. The product can create a look of knots, but this is desirable for many women. This type is ideal for women with thin eyelashes. The ideal brush is thick and round to "fill" the lashes. 


Lash defining 


An ideal mascara for women who already have dense eyelashes, as it does not add much volume or intense color, however, it gives length and perfectly distinguishes the lashes. With a thinner formula than the rest of the mascara, it comes with a brush-comb or silicone brush, which glides over the lashes for perfect grading. 




One of the best sellers’ mascaras, since with its curved brush the eyelashes are lifted so that the eyes look bigger, lighter, and livelier. The enhanced composition of the product contributes to the result, thanks to which the eyelashes retain their curved shape for long hours. 




This product does not have specific characteristics (as we will see on its packaging) buttheoretically goes with all types, certainly not with the effectiveness of the most specialized products. It is not waterproof and is easily removed. 


Honestly, there are no limits to the types of mascara one can find. A woman with allergies can choose a vegan mascara, which, in its formula, does not contain ingredients of animal origin, such as beeswax. Still, a woman suffering from eyelash loss can choose a fiber mascara, containing cellulose or nylon microfiber. Finally, it is worth mentioning the primer mascara, which is applied like the skin primer and fills, prepares, and improves the appearance of the eyelashes, and the mask mascara, which works nutritionally, helping the eyelashes to recover from the daily makeup routine. 



Depending on the type of mascara we prefer, we can come up with many different options in brushes with different sizes, shapes, or materials, to achieve the perfect result. That's why we must decide on the type and material that suits us to get the perfect outcome! 


How to use my mascara? 


To apply the mascara perfectly and give upward tension to the lashes, hold the eyelid from above and lift it slightly, with the gaze facing down. 


Spread the mascara with small movements right and left, so that the lashes are separated. 


As for the lower lashes, hold the brush perpendicular to the eye and perform small taps. 


For a more open-eyed look, spread the mascara in a light direction outward. 


Take a few seconds to look straight, so that the eyelashes do not touch the eyelid to smudge it. 


Use the brush from an old, dried mascara for a simple swipe through the eyelashes to improve the lash defining. 


It is of no use to apply mascara on already colored eyelashes. However, if a refresh is needed, drip some warm water on your fingertips, touch the eyelashes to remove some color, and then apply a new layer. 


Useful tips 


When looking closely at the packaging, you will notice that the shelf life of a mascara, when opened, reaches six months. It is advisable to replace it when that period ends. 


In case the mascara is dry, restore it by placing it in a bowl of hot water or by bringing the brush near a heat source for a few seconds. On the contrary, if the mascara is too liquid, try leaving the applicator open for a few hours. 


You need a good make-up remover to remove residues from the lashes. If you daily use mascara, apply once or twice a week, a little castor or almond oil on your eyelashes, for nourishment and recovery treatment. 

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