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Everything you need to know for a child’s safe return to the school

Schools are getting ready to welcome again their students and you need to prepare your child for a safe and smooth return to school life. Given the pandemic continuance, it is essential to get properly organized, and get all the accessories that will accompany the child to the new school year! 


Of the first things you will need to provide the small pupil are the very well-known us all masks, to wear while following the protocols and the recommendations of experts. Also, in the school bag should be located disinfection wipes, so that the child may clean up a shared surface i.e., the desk or chair, as well as the disinfection wet gel when it's not easy washing the hands. And, of course, it'll need to follow the rules of social distance and avoid overcrowding, the frequent washing of hands, and avoiding sharing personal items with its classmates! 


Whilst these are the products of the pandemic, there is a range of pharmaceutical products that are useful to be in the schoolbag, as precautionary measures: 


Pocket size Sunscreen: The sunrays are still strong so it would be safe to preserve the summer's routine of regular sunscreen application. Buy a pocket-size product and remind the child to use it during the school breaks! 


After-bite stick: Mosquitoes, bees, and all kinds of insects are still active at this time of the year so, for your peace of mind, get an after-bite stick that will relieve the child from possible stings. 


Anti-lice lotion: Speaking about your peace of mind, don't overlook the use of anti-lice lotion, to protect the child from lice! Spray the child's head before going to school, and train it to be sprayed by itself, during the school day, at least once, to keep away the enemy! 


Healthy snacks: we all know that kids love treats (which are usually unhealthy) and the school canteens are full of these! Therefore, do not forget, to supply your kid with a healthy homemade snack, such as cereal bars, organic crackers, fruit, etc., to avoid, as far as possible, getting unneeded calories. 


Flask: Buy a small flask, so that the child can drink clean water from its bottle and not from the school's water coolers. At the same time, you will enhance the kid's eco-consciousness! 


Supplements for children: As the child gets into an intense daily routine, in addition to its healthy nutrition schedule, it is advisable to be toned up with some kind of children's supplements, like vitamin C or echinacea, or propolis, to reinforce its immune system. 


Last but not least, thoroughly check the school bag you'll buy, to protect the child from back pain or potential injuries caused by the extreme weight. Experts suggest a backpack with two handles that are passed on to the child’s shoulders. It is recommended that the student makes use of all the pockets of the bag so that the weight gets distributed everywhere. Finally, the weight of the bag (with full content) should not exceed 20% of the body weight of the child, to avoid pains in the back. 


General advice 


A kid's adjustment to its' school routine it's not only about the protection of its physical health, but also about the psychological and spiritual revert to the habits of everyday life. So, for a smooth transition from summer holidays to school, you can: 


Organize a sleep routine according to the school schedule 


Yes, during summer, all programs were circumvented, and the night's sleep or wake-up time was at no pre-set times, but now, it is time to restore these rules and give the time to you and your child to adapt to the new routine.  


Go for the school shopping together 


The best way to stimulate a child's desire to return to school, is to take it shopping with you and, above all, let it decide about the schoolbag and the stationery of the year. It will make it feel more responsible about the things it made the choice for! 


Set a spacetime framework to study 


A child's studying program should be continued at home. Specify, in consultation with your kid, the hours and the space where it will study and make sure that, during its studying time you'll be around if the child needs help. 


Turn off the tv and the digital devices 


This may be the most difficult "mission" of a parent who must convince a child to reduce the hours spent in front of electronic screens to intensify their homework. Again, consult with the child, set boundaries, and make sure you follow them! 


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