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How to avoid the annoying mosquitoes!

They are tiny and yet, they can cause you the biggest summer headache! The talk of course is for the annoying mosquitoes which, especially when night falls, attack us, while making us feel irritation, anxiety, and of course, with the bites cause incessant itching – and sometimes, wounds on our skin. Who has not found himself "hitting" himself aiming at the Invisible enemy and who has not been thrown out of his sweet sleep, when the warning of the attack buzzes in his ears? And of course, who has not wondered how to get rid of the winged enemy? 


Before we look at the methods we can apply to protect ourselves as much as possible from annoying mosquitoes, let's find out all we can about our opponent. 


The truth is that while there are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes (!), in fact only 200 feeds on human blood. Specifically, female mosquitoes are the ones who choose blood for their diet, as in it they find the proteins needed to reproduce their eggs. In contrast, male mosquitoes are content with nectar. Still, there are limited species that can carry infectious diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, or dengue to humans. For this, insect repellent protection is essential. 


How mosquitoes choose their prey? 


The biggest mystery is how mosquitoes choose which person to attack? We have all noticed that, in a group of people, one can receive a storm of attacks when at the same time a person next to him can remain... intact. 


Research shows that even mosquitoes have some criteria by which they choose who to bite. 


Carbon dioxide resulting from human exhalation acts like a magnet for mosquitoes. In fact, large individuals who normally exhale more carbon dioxide are easier to spot than their hunters. 


The same applies to pregnant women who attract more mosquitoes since they not only exhale greater amounts of carbon dioxide but also have an increased body temperature, which is also a pole of attraction for mosquitoes. 


Furthermore, some colonies of bacteria that we keep on our skin act like "decoys" for mosquitoes. That's why they sting us more in the feet and ankles, where stronger colonies of bacteria usually live. 


Sweaty and less clean skin is also an attraction for mosquitoes. 


The bright colors of our clothes not only attract the attention of those around us but also that of mosquitoes, which not only smell... but also see their meal. 


Finally, any work or exercise with which we produce lactic acid triggers mosquitoes to attack us! 


On the other hand, there are people who are "invisible" to mosquitoes! That is because there are organisms that secrete some chemicals that repel them. To this finding is based the modern mosquito repellents that contain in their ingredients these substances that act as repellents for mosquitoes. Specifically, the products that seem to provide the most protection are those containing DEET (15-30%), picaridin (20%), and eucalyptus (30%). 


In pharmacies we can find a wide range of products offered for the protection of the whole family, in various forms: spray, emulsion, lotion, roll on, sticks, patches, even wristbands, are at our disposal to choose the one that suits our type and needs. It is very important to choose a product that will repel mosquitoes but at the same time will not cause unwanted irritations on the skin. 


How to use anti-mosquito protection correctly 


Anti-mosquito sprays are easy to use and have immediate action. Spray on clean skin and on your clothes, from a 15-20 cm. distance, with slow and steady movements. 


Use a sufficient amount of product and do not forget to apply it to points such as ankles and elbows. 


Choose anti-mosquito products specifically for the face and be careful to apply them correctly: spray the product on the palm – and not directly on the face- and place on the face and ears, completely avoiding application to the eyes and mouth. 


In the same way we apply anti-mosquito products to our children and do not let them use them on their own. 


We do not forget to spray our clothes, as mosquitoes can also sting us through them, especially when they are loose and airy! 


We do not apply anti-mosquito product on skin with cuts or wounds, as well as on irritated or sunburned skin. 


During the day, we first apply our sunscreen-always with a high protection factor-and then the insect repellent. Never in reverse! 


Apply the insect repellent product in open and not enclosed spaces. 


Mosquitoes, in addition to bright colors, also love the strong smells of lotions and emulsions. That's why as much as we can we choose odorless grooming products. 


Happy summer! 

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