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How to protect your health in the coronavirus era

Winter is coming, cold weather will soon make its appearance, and the return to indoor places would get mandatory. During the pandemic, you will have to face the risk of colds, flu, and of course, Covid-19 disease. That is why, among the other protection measures, it would be useful to strengthen your immune system in every way. 


The immune system protects the human body when is under attack by viruses, pathogenic microorganisms, and autoimmune diseases. To begin with, white blood cells lead the fight against every "enemy", by providing protection against any "attack”. Secondly, they act like a “hard disk” on which all the information about the "attacks" performed to the body from various hosts is recorded, to easily retrieve when needed, to quickly create the necessary antibodies for the body to heal. 


Therefore, it is useful to include specific nutrients, through foods or supplements, in your daily routine, that would help the immune to function adequately as, poor nutrition, weakens its ability to cope with any infections. The complete and balanced diet that includes vitamins, proteins, minerals, and trace elements, offers the body – and the immune – everything it needs to function harmoniously. 


However, a strong immune system cannot be achieved from one day to another, nor is it possible to happen by overeating dietary supplements. Therefore, it needs prudence and consideration of how to use and not to abuse the ingredients that act beneficial to the body. 


Vitamin C 


Probably the most famous vitamin, it is known

 for its antioxidant action, anti-inflammatory, and anti

allergic effects, which is why it is considered essential for the body's health. Fruits and vegetables are the main source of vitamin C and
 5-6 portions per day are considered sufficient. 
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Vitamin D 


It is well known that vitamin D ensures a person’s good mood, energy, and health protection, especially during winter, since it strengthens the immune system. In addition to the relevant supplements, you can look for the necessary vitamin D, by exposing yourself to the sun, for about a quarter daily. 




Multivitamin supplements ensure health and vitality. By offering a complete combination of vitamins and minerals, help to cope with problems related to poor nutrition, and maintain the proper functioning of the body. 




Fruits and vegetables emerge as a very important ally of your health, thanks to the wide variety of antioxidant ingredients they contain. Vitamins, trace elements, and phytochemicals are recognizable in fruits by their characteristic colors. This means that you can fearlessly trust fruits with deep red, yellow, orange, green, blue, or purple colors! 




The beneficial characteristics of spirulina have reached the... space since even the astronauts include it in their diet. It is considered one of the top nutrients for your daily diet, with a multitude of beneficial qualities to your health and immune system. 


Sea buckthorn 


A great ally for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system and your immune system offers energy and antioxidant protection. 


Coenzyme Q10 


An antioxidant nutritional element, which neutralizes free radicals and enhances the action of the immune system. 




Strengthening your diet with probiotics helps to shield the body against the growth of pathogens, through the production of "good" bacteria. Lactic acid and bacteriocins produced by probiotics, maintain "bad" bacteria at controlled levels and thus protect against diseases. Pickled vegetables, kefir, buttermilk, bean paste, soy sauce are foods that can provide you with the probiotics you need.

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Adequate hydration of the body during the day can help your protection. Do not neglect to consume water throughout the day, even if you are not thirsty. 


Why use an oximeter 


One of the small investments worth making is the purchase of an oximeter, the device that provides useful information about the state of your respiratory system, its proper operation, as well as the identification of problems that need investigation. 


During the Covid-19 era, many patients literally saved their lives by measuring oxygen on their own at home - as the disease progresses, shortness of breath does not appear until it is too late, and the patient must be hospitalized. By applying the oximeter, regular monitoring of satiety, and regular communication with the doctor, the worst can be avoided. 


An oximeter is placed on the patient's finger and measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood. In normal conditions, oxygen levels are around 97% (the range of normal values ranges from 94-100%). When the values fall below 92%, we speak of hypoxia – the pathological condition in which the body does not have sufficient oxygenation and experiences headache, dizziness, fatigue, confusion, lethargy, etc. When oxygen drops below 80%, then the patient is at risk of damage to vital organs, fell into a coma, or even die. 

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