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We unveil the secrets of facial and derma rollers, for your beauty only!

Facial and derma rollers are the new beauty tools that have literally won the hearts of women around the world in recent years, since they promise and perform small miracles for the health and beauty of the facial skin. It's time to discover them! 


Derma roller 


Derma roller is a "miracle" beauty tool, which can transform the skin, enhancing the production of collagen and elastin, making you look younger! This specialized product bases its function on micro-needles and is suitable for all ages and skin types. 


This revolutionary tool, thanks to the use of micro-needles, increases by 2000% the absorption of active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, trace elements) through the perforations it creates in the skin, which allow better absorption of cosmetic products and serums. The punctures - which do not cause any damage to the epidermis-activate the body to reproduce collagen, the protein responsible for your skin. When we are young, the synthesis of collagen is done by our body and is at high levels. Over time, however, our skin ceases to produce the same amounts of collagen, because of which the well-known wrinkles are created. 


Derma roller does not only activate collagen production, but it helps to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, smooths acne scars, eliminates fine lines, and reduces wrinkles, smooths stretch marks, and treats cellulite. 



How do I use it? 


Prior to starting use, thoroughly clean your skin and boost it with a moisturizing product or serum. It is important to buy products with the appropriate active ingredients to obtain the maximum possible benefit (such as hyaluronic acid, stem cells, peptides). In contrast, ingredients such as retinol or vitamin C can cause sensitivity and irritation to the skin. 


Then apply one-flow movements (10 times) vertically and horizontally to the skin, being careful to apply minimal pressure and keeping the roller in a perpendicular position to the skin, so as not to scratch it. It is recommended to use the derma roller in the evening, 1 hour before bedtime. After use, carefully clean it with antiseptic and keep it in a safe place. 


Facial roller 


This is, in fact, a facial massage tool, with two edges – a small one and a large one – with crystal stones of oval shape, for the areas of the eyes and lips and the flat parts of the face (cheeks, forehead, chin) respectively. The cylindrical tool is available with different kinds of crystals, whilst jade, rose quartz, tourmaline, and amethyst, are the most widespread ones. These stones are famous for their healing characteristics, chilled feeling, and their effectiveness in reducing edema. It is no coincidence that this tool has been a key beauty factor since the 17th century in the Chinese empire! 


What are the benefits of using facial roller? 


Massaging the face with a roller increases blood circulation, while oxygen, because of increased circulation, allows the skin to release toxins, calm inflammation, and make the skin look brighter and rejuvenated. 


Also, it reduces the swelling caused by fluid retention, helps to lift the Oval by deeply massaging the face, significantly treats the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, helping to reduce them, and most importantly, substantially facilitates lymphatic drainage, by decongesting the lymph nodes from the fluid that flows to them, detoxifying the skin and helping to fight skin imperfections! 


How do I use it? 


The process of using the facial roller is relatively simple. First, thoroughly clean your face, apply a moisturizing product or serum, and then start the massage. For even better results, you can place the roller in the refrigerator for several hours before use! 


Begin the massage, using the large edge of the tool with medium-pressure movements from the chin to the ear (for 5-6 repetitions), from the cheek to the ear, from the middle of the forehead to the ear and towards opposite sides of the face. With the small edge, apply moderate pressure and rolling from the inside of the eye to the outside and on the jaw, in places where you feel them particularly tight. 



... and the Gua Sha method! 


Gua Sha is another traditional oriental technique, which brings well-being, improves blood circulation, and removes toxins. The stone Gua Sha, helps massage the lymphatic system and virtually removes all toxins from the body, reduces edema, relieves tension and stress, lightens dark circles, and helps sculpt and lift facial muscles! 


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